SADD Club Officers:

President: Eden Taylor

Vice President: Brook Wilcox

Secretary: Brandy Lewis

Treasurer: Chance Mc.Queen

SADD Member Roster:

Cheyenne Campbell

Laurel Corum

Destiny Dunn

Fernanda Flores

Spencer Henry

Melissa Mahala

Brittany May

Lindsey Osborne

Hannah Woods




Angie Dickens

Denise Woods

Elizabeth Taft



The Johnson County SADD Club was awarded the Mary Nave Ahrends President Award for Volunteer of the Year by the Johnson County Chamber of Commerce for the year 2013.























To Contact or Donate to the SADD Club, please call:


What is SADD?

The SADD Club is dedicated to the prevention of destructive decisions such as; underage drinking, drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide.


SADD is an inclusive, not an exclusive, organization. SADD seeks not to punish or alienate those students who make unfortunate choices, but rather aims to inform, educate, and empower young people to make positive decisions in their lives.


There's no better feeling than having your peers, younger students, and siblings look up to you and be proud of your choices. Being a part of SADD will give you a chance to empower others to follow your lead by saying NO to drugs and alcohol.



SADD Activities:

Community Service:




Johnson County SADD Members at the National SADD Conference in Orlando, FL 2013.




SADD Anti-Drug presentation.


Drunk Goggle Fun!


SADD Club Member Hannah Woods collected stuffed animals to give away to children affected by drugs in their home.